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The Piano Shop Bath at the Marlborough Festival (with Clare Teal no less)

What a great Marlborough Festival it was – a thoroughly well-rounded and eclectic affair in the happiest spirits. Particularly marvellous for us were Daryl Sherman, Bristol-based Moscow Drug club and of course, the wonderful Clare Teal in the Priory Gardens Marquee. We were honoured to have provided one of our grand pianos for the event… and we, of […]

Piano Tuners in Bristol and Bath

Many pianists use professionals like our piano tuners in Bristol and Bath to service their instruments twice a year. A brand new piano is expected to last for 50 years, but any instrument needs regular maintenance to ensure it remains in a playable condition. Minor repairs are sometimes required, but generally it is tuning that […]

Radio 3 concerts in Bristol with compositions from Johannes Brahms and contemporaries

Look out in early October for four concerts from St. George’s, Bristol, and one from Colston Hall, also in Bristol, with compositions from Johannes Brahms.  According to Presenter, Tom Service, ‘we’re going behind the beard to the seething passions of the man it so expertly disguised. That intensity of feeling, that pain and joy is all there in […]