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The Spring Student Recital and a Yamaha C7 grand piano

The Piano Shop Bath has continued its sponsorship of student recitals with local piano teachers Susanna Downes and Edward Bettella. The quarterly recitals give students the chance to hone their performance skills, with family and friends invited to enjoy and support their playing. Edward Bettella, who works for The Piano Shop Bath, gives this insight on […]

Piano Pilgrimage: From Jamie Cullum to India

Fans of BBC Radio 4 may remember tuning into Jamie Cullum’s Piano Pilgrimage earlier this year, with three hour-long broadcasts airing back in January. The show followed Cullum around the United Kingdom, meeting piano enthusiasts, players and dealers. From talks with Newark College students, currently studying on the United Kingdom’s only tuning course, to jamming […]

Thinking of buying a piano in Bristol or Bath we can help

Choose your supplier wisely when buying a Piano Buying a piano whether it’s for you, your child or even a friend, needs careful consideration. An artist’s piano can be their muse as well as their pride and joy – the instrument needs to reflect the artist’s needs as well as ability level. The Piano Shop […]